Ministry in a time of pandemic

Moving Forward with Video Streaming

A monthly roundtable discussion for those planning and implementing the technical aspects of an online worship service, sponsored by the Atlantic Northeast District.

Every Second Thursday
Basic Session 7 pm – Advanced Session 8 pm


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Technology Best Practices

The Mennonite Church USA offers a series of videos on “Technology Best Practices for Virtual Meetings and Worship”. Go to

A message of encouragement

Online giving options

Online giving options (from the Ecumenical Stewardship Center)

Youth ministry

Letter to youth advisors (from Youth and Young Adult Ministries)

Free webinars to help churches through this crisis

Leading in a Time of Crisis

In times like these, it is crucial that leaders remain calm under pressure, make the right decisions, and then effectively implement those decisions.

What can leaders do when uncertainty lies at the heart of the COVID-19 crisis? The webinar will identify how people can feel overwhelmed, help people gain resilience, and the importance of making virtual social connections viable.

Stan Dueck is director of Organizational Leadership and co-coordinator of Discipleship Ministries for the Church of the Brethren.

( Access Password: 5F&3&0+% )

Brethren Distinctives in Church Planting

What is it that makes a Church of the Brethren church plant distinctive? This webinar will explore the fascinating confluence of Radical Pietistic and Anabaptist thought that gave rise to our movement, with Ryan Braught and Nate Polzin. Anyone interested in planting a new Brethren congregation or involved in District or congregational support of new ministries will benefit from this webinar.

Complete information, including registration links, at

Church building maintenance

The following document was created by Ken Fox to assist congregations with cutting costs and properly maintaining church buildings and their HVAC systems. Ken is the pastor of Cedar Run and manager of HVAC systems for James Madison University. We extend our thanks to Ken for sharing his expertise through these thoughtful tips. (From Shenandoah District email newsletter 4-20-2020)

Recommendations for church building systems

Free study and worship resources

Ethical use of music resources

While many congregations have purchased hymnals and the music for worship, owning these materials does not guarantee permission to stream the performance of that music to a wider audience. Even printing the words in a handout or posting them on a screen requires permission, unless the materials are in the public domain. There are FAQs available on appropriate use of hymnals and resources published by Brethren Press.

This is important as our congregation ethics polity asks that congregations seek permissions when using resources and music.

Thankfully, this is an easy issue to resolve. There are two main providers for permissions to use music in worship: OneLicense and CCLI provide permissions to reprint and other streaming licensing. Both service providers have two different licensing products—one just for reprinting permissions and another that includes streaming rights.

Both these services, and any effort to reach composers, authors, or publishers for resources not covered by OneLicense or CCLI, assure that the work is compensated.

For music and resources found in Hymnal: A Worship Book, congregations may use anything in the public domain or anything that fits into the categories outlined in the first paragraph on page 862. The same goes for Hymnal Supplement (refer to the acknowledgments section in the back of the hymnal). Obtaining a license from OneLicense or CCLI will cover most of the remaining hymns. If you have questions about a particular hymn or resource, contact

Several musicians have given permission to Church of the Brethren congregations to stream or upload their music during this time of physical distancing.

Ways to offer church services at a distance

The Church of the Brethren’s one fully online congregation is the Living Stream church, which uses (paid) Livestream services. The Living Stream pastoral team and “tech deacons” are offering to help other congregations that may have questions or need assistance to put their own online worship in place. Contact

Other Church of the Brethren congregations have turned to Zoom (conferences or meetings over web, video, or phone), Facebook, YouTube, Free Conference Calling (which is especially good for areas without reliable internet), sermons posted on the church website, virtual Sunday School, and more. See a listing of online opportunities here.

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